Amazing Surprises When Trekking in Mumbai

India is a home to a wide array of stunning places to see and explore. Among those that you should not miss when visiting the country is the splendid Mumbai. There are tons of exciting activities to get involved to, not to mention amazing surprises that await you there.

Mumbai is India's financial capital and fashion and film centre. Apart from skyscrapers and malls in the vicinity, the metropolis has more to offer! What good way to see them than go trekking, right?

Now one of the natural wonders that you should not miss is the Ulhas Valley in Khandala. Along the way, you will pass by Panvel, which is also known as the gateway of Konkan region. Once you get to the hiking site, you will find bungalows that line at the bottom of the hills. Your outdoor adventure starts the moment you reach the rocky path leading to the valley. From then on, you will pass through plenty of boulders in various sizes and formation. Getting past them is safe though as there are patches that you can hold on to. Still, the trail leading to the stream will surely test your endurance and skills.

There are more to Mumbai than meets the eye! For this reason, you need to include this urban centre in your trekking adventure. For your accommodation, be sure to stay in a resort hotel that has a unique village type style and is perfect for group getaways.

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