Maharashtra Holiday: The Activities That You Can Do

Have you ever heard of Maharashtra? Well, probably not as often as you have known about India. Nonetheless, it is one vacation destination that you should visit on your next holiday.

Now that you are well-aware about holiday essentials, it is time to acquaint yourself of the activities that you can enjoy in Maharashtra. What are some of them?


With an ancient history that dates back more than 2000 years ago, you can expect the state to have plenty of fascinating landmarks, monuments, cave temples, monasteries, and many others. Well, would you miss out on any of them?


Okay, so maybe buying souvenirs could be out of the question if you are travelling on a budget. But it would be such a shame if you do not bring even one memento of your trip what with the colourful and shiny stuff you will find in Maharashtra or India in general.

Outdoor Pursuits

For a dose of adrenaline rush, you can go paragliding and para-sailing in the area. There are practically several well-known destinations where either activity is famous for. Some of the places that you can visit include Matheran, Singhdad, and Deolali.

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More Interesting Details